Driving Past Oregon

A History of Oregon's Infrastructure


UPDATE ALERT! Holy Cranberries, I haven't updated this place in ages! Google has updated (degraded) their free site builder yet again so there's been some slight changes here. I was also browsing my online photo album and realized that there are some post offices I hadn't added from 5 YEARS ago, mostly in 974. I also added 4 new photos to 977 from a recent trip. There are now at least a dozen more photos filling in holes across the state.

Google Earth .kmz data has been uploaded for many historic highway alignments in Oregon, Portland streetcars, cancelled freeways, and other infrastructure data.  Most is free.

Read about Portland according to what I've learned. Explanations about the history, bests, street system, and other facts about Portland.

Looking for poetry? Here beginneth my string of Portland based poems, odes, sonnets, whatever.

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