Quiz Answers

Quiz Answers:

1. Portland has five compass point grids (N, NE, SE, SW, NW). However addresses on Burnside street can be either E or W for a total of 7. The eighth, S, is covered by the area south of the Clackamas River and east of the Willamette River.

2. Foster/Woodstock (90th-99th); Stark/Washington (74th-108th); Halsey/Weidler (101st-113th); Grand/MLK (SE Division-NE Hancock); Weidler/Broadway (Flint-24th); Williams/Vancouver (Weidler-Killingsworth); Burnside/Couch (3rd-14th); 11th/12th (Burnside-Clinton); Hawthorne/Madison (Water-12th); Morrison/Belmont (Water-25th)

3. Milwaukie/Oak Grove (97222, 97267) and Tigard (97223, 97224)

4. St. Johns, Railroad, Fremont, Steel, Broadway, Burnside, Morrison, Hawthorne, Marquam, Ross Island, Sellwood,

5. Tacoma St and McLoughlin.

6. Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington.

7. By route number: I-5, I-84, I-205, I-405, US26, US30 (plus Bus and Byp), 8, 10, 43, 99E, 99W, 120, 213

8. 0, zero. One example, 0 SE Marion St.

9. Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Happy Valley, Gresham, Vancouver (via I-205), Maywood Park. You remembered Maywood Park, right?

10. New Boston.

11. Woodland Park.

12. Coe Circle Park, 39th and Burnside. Ladd Park is also an acceptable answer.

13. Swan Island.

14. Canyon Rd.

15. Portsmouth Park is in University Park neighborhood; University Park is in Portsmouth neighborhood.

16. Council Crest, 1073'.

17. Alameda, Broadway, Reedway. Sometimes Reedway carries a 'St.' on road signs but this is incorrect.

18. Major streets would be known as Sandy Rd., Foster Rd., Cully Blvd. Then there's Fremont Dr., Cherry Blossom Dr., Flavel Dr./Malden Dr. Ladd and Elliot Avs and all of Ladd's Addition qualify. All of Woodlawn Park. The west side is harder to pinpoint official ones as the grid is much looser. Westover Rd. off 23rd.

19. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (formerly Union, formerly SE 4th Av.), Grand (formerly SE 5th). Milwaukie does not count as it runs at a bit of an angle. Reed College Pl (formerly SE 33rd Av.) Apparently someone renamed 39th Av. but it wasn't the voters. Sunderland Rd. (formerly a portion of NE 33rd, sort of). SW Broadway was known as 7th and can still be found in a few curbs. Likewise SW Park was known as 8th. Then there's the small cadre of blocks-between-long-blocks in the Pearl District. NW Trinity Pl. (19th Pl.), King Av. (21st Pl.) Many more of these places used to be named.

20. Where N. Denver and N. Interstate meet at Willis Blvd. Kenton neighborhood.