Portland Infrastructure Quiz

Portland Infrastructure Quiz

How well do you know Portland? Take the following quiz to find out:

  1. How many compass points will you find in Portland addresses?

  2. Name 5 sets of couplets (complimentary one-way streets) excluding downtown. Bonus points for sections of 1/2 mile or more.

  3. Which two suburban post offices are Portland branches?

  4. Name the bridges spanning the Willamette River from north to south.

  5. Locate Willsburg.

  6. Which counties contain a piece of incorporated Portland?

  7. How many state highways run through Portland city limits?

  8. What is Portland's smallest address?

  9. How many other cities touch Portland's borders?

  10. What was the runner up name for Portland?

  11. Which neighborhood association has the smallest area?

  12. Where is Portland's most famous round-about?

  13. Where was Portland's first airport?

  14. What is the present day name of the Corduroy Road?

  15. Which two neighborhoods contain each others' parks?

  16. Where is Portland's highest point?

  17. Which three streets do not have an official suffix (St, Av, Rd, etc.)

  18. Name 5 roads that go diagonal to the grid.

  19. Which former numbered avenues now carry names?

  20. Where is Paul Bunyan?

How'd you do?

Copyright 1996-2011 by Brian D'Agostine.