Clinton Kelly

From an email sent to me years ago...

Hi! My name is [Mrs.] Lupi. I live in California, but am originally from Oregon. I was doing some research on my ancestor Clinton Kelly, and your web page came up. He was my great, great, great, great, great, great Grandfather. I found it fun and amusing that you mentioned him in your web page...most Oregonians today know little of him or his family, but in his day he was a first citizen of Portland, and so were many of his many landmarks in the Portland area are named for he and his sons and other relatives. As a matter of fact...he and his sons named Mt Tabor in Portland! There is also a Kelly Butte, Clinton St., Kelly, St., Clinton Park, Albert Kelly Park, Penumbra Kelly Police Center on Burnside, etc. Also, Clinton Kelly Elementary School...and Cleveland High was originally Commerce High...or "Clinton Kelly High School of Commerce" one point also a Clinton Kelly Methodist Church...and Kelly Cememtery (in Southwest Portland, as well as in Wasco County...where I am from) Penumbra Kelly's wife was Mary Markham...of the Markham family (Markham Hill, Markham Bridge, etc.) At one point, Clinton and his sons and brothers owned most of Southeast they were early settlers there. Three of his sons and three of his brothers were all Methodist Preachers. For years the Kelly Clan has had reunions in Portland...I haven't been to one for years. Unfortunately, many have lost interest. It is a we have so much to be proud of in our Kelly heritage. Clinton and his family were honored more than any other Portland family with parks, streets, schools, etc. named in their honor because of his great generosity with his money and land. He donated land for shools, churches, and cemeterys. He started the first Methodist church in Milwaukee. He was a good neighbor to the Powell's, Ladd's and other who live near him, and his home and hospitality were open to all.

Anyway, thanks for the mention of my ancestor...a truly great and humble man, who created a legacy that I am proud to be a part of.

(N.B. Gideon St. in SE Portland off 12th Av. and just north of Powell was also named for one of Clinton's sons)