Historic Highways

Many of Oregon's highways were first planned and routed in 1917. By 1933 a slew of secondary highways were criss-crossing the state. One of the most famous highways is Route 99 which spanned from Canada to Mexico. First established in the 19-teens, it has continued to improve ever since. All of these files trace the original route of the state highway. In some cases files are a grouping of routes or highways.

These files are believed to be as accurate as possible though errors may exist. Many routes have been field verified. These are for information only. I assume no responsibility for use otherwise. If using these for exploration, please proceed with caution and at your own risk. Some sections may now be in private ownership, others may be in disrepair. Backwoods bridges may have washed out resulting in your car ending up in a stream. Obey all traffic laws.

Files to be uploaded soon!

    • Pacific Highway - Four files including the original Capitol Highway, West Side Highway, Pacific Highway and Tualatin Highway which was commissioned as part of the Pacific Highway.

    • Pacific Highway Washington - One file covering the state

    • Pacific Highway, California - Two files (north and south) split at Fresno.

    • Columbia River Highway - Six files including the Main and West routes, the official Portland alternate, an interesting later path in Boardman and the original Oregon Washington Highway (with Washington extension) which was commissioned as part of the Columbia River Highway.

    • Dalles California Highway - Three files including the original routing, Sherman Highway, and Klamath Falls-Malin Highway (a later alignment).

    • John Day Highway - Three files including alignments that make up parts of State Route 19 and Federal Route 26. Includes the alternate commissioned Sherman County route.

    • Oregon Trail Highway - Four files comprising the original route and including Baker-Cornucopia Highway, La Grande-Enterprise Highway, and Joseph Highway.

    • Oregon Coast Highway - Four files including the Oregon Route, California's Redwood Highway and Pacific Coast Highways 1 and 101.