Oddities and strangeness in the streets of Portland


Siskiyou and Monroe streets share the 3100 block in North Portland, but Siskiyou seems to take over in NE.

Blandena street runs through North Portland, but does not actually exist in the NE grid.

In the NE grid, due to the oddness of the geography, Halleck St. is the last street to extend east of Williams Av., technically making the grid no longer NE.


These blocks may differ depending on whether you are referencing St. Helens Road or Front Av.

2600 Industrial, Suffolk

2700 Groce, Brewer

2900 Lake, Nela


Franklin AND Pershing are considered the 3300 block -- Pershing is actually the 3350 block.

Yukon St. exists only in certain areas -- instead, Woodstock Blvd. runs along the same parallel from 28th Av. to 91st Av.

Lambert AND Bidwell are considered the 7800 block -- Bidwell is actually the 7850 block.

Lexington AND Miller are considered the 7900 block -- Miller is actually the 7950 block.

Spokane AND Tacoma are considered the 8100 block -- Tacoma is actually the 8150 block. Both Spokane and Tacoma only exist from the river to 32nd Ave -- from there, Crystal Springs Blvd. is the 8100 block.

Webber AND Ochoco are considered the 8900 block. Ochoco is the county line between Multnomah and Clackamas from the river and 24th Ave. From 24th on, it is Clatsop (8600 block).


In downtown Portland, Montgomery AND Harrison are considered the 1800 blocks. Harrison is actually the 1850 block. Likewise, Hall AND College are considered the 1900 blocks. College is actually the 1950 block.

In the Southwest Hills neighborhood right above downtown Portland, the street names are slightly different. The corresponding block and street names are:

2100 Lincoln, Clifton

2200 Grant, Myrtle

2300 Sherman, Laurel

2400 Caruthers, Elm

2500 Sheridan, Spring

2600 Baker, Elizabeth

The SW 10100 block is occupied by Huddleson St., Galeburn St., Trachsel St., and Riverside St.


In North Portland, street names may not be continuous through an entire parallel. The block numbers may be the same for a different name on the south and north side of Lombard respectively:

1900 Campbell, Elmore

2100 Lancaster, Chatham

2200 Mobile, Brandon

3000 Villard, Peninsular

3200 Knowles, Drummond

7700 Pierce, Tioga

North Portland's grid changes angles at least twice -- Newmen is the first block where it does this, Philadelphia is the second.

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